We develop BI apps especially for shopping centres, retail chains & real estate portfolios to help them to make the right business decisions.

1. Shopping centre manager

Let's digitize your shopping centre!

Digital floorplans

Click the map and see every single tenant data.

Ideal tenant mix

Compare tenants performance in space and time.

Watchdog module

Watch and manage lease terms and deadlines in one smart module.

Performance data:

Occupancy, Affordability ratio, Footfall, Turnover, TO/SQM p.a. & p.m. ...

Datasets variations:

YTD, Y-o-Y, 12-month rolling, Custom categories / Size categories, Remaining lease term, Cross platform usage

2. Employees manager

Define the perfect structure of your company!

Employees performance

Are they underpaid or overpaid?

Right proportion?

Optimize numbers of human resources.

Watchdog module

Watch and manage job contracts.


Headcounts, FTEs, Active vs. Inactive, Incoming, AVGs ...

Datasets variations:

Year to Date (YTD), Year over Year (Y-o-Y), 12-month rolling ...

Sorting by:

Countries / Regions / Subregions / Business lines / Departments / Heads ...

Cross platform usage:

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

3. RPA, IoT & AI

Processing data is a job for machines not for people.

RPA - Let the robots do the work

Are you tired of doing the same tasks over and over again? Are your employees making errors during routine work? Free your hands and make the robots do the hard work for you.

Internet of Things

Welcome to the world of connections. Make your business competitive by technology of the future .

Artifical Intelligence

Let's explore unknown patterns in your data. Machine learning and object recognition.


Data from invoices -> accounting systems, Footfall count from video, Automatic e-mail alerts...

Use automation to gain an advantage

See potential of data

„I remember the app presentation for our first client. The brainstorming was breath-taking. I realized how important it is to look at the data from many angles.”

Petr Bartošek

„It is the feeling of satisfaction when we help our client excel. It is the power of being in control of their business that we give them. Seeing you succeed drives us!"

Dominik Tkáč



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