- Our Vision -

Continuously improve to provide the best services on the market of digital transformation.

At Yes-Research, we see the true potential of data.

„I remember when we sat down with our very first client in a large conference room with around 10 employees from wide range of business lines and we showed them our product. The brainstorming that ensued was breath-taking. I suddenly realized how important it is to look at the data from many angles.”

– Petr Bartošek,
Founder of Yes-Research

„It’s not just the data processing, transformation and presentation that makes us who we are. It is the feeling of satisfaction when we help our client excel. It is the power of being in control of their business that we give them. Seeing you succeed drives us!"

– Dominik Tkáč,
Co-founder of Yes-Research

Yes-Research is a tech and consultancy company based in Prague that helps you face digital transformation.